Turn your Pet into a star portrait!

“Once upon a time, we pets felt like mere adopted second members to their owners. Betty and I, We loved every cute human thingy they did like having portraits and wished that one day we could have a similar experience, in our little furry way of course. For as long as I can remember, all I did was bark and chew on my toys while Betty meowed her way all around the house, until one day we got paw starred. Now, we feel amazing as our portraits hang next to our owner’s! We are Stars! Here’s how you can get yours”. – A happy Chihuahua.

Turn your pet into a custom-made canvas portrait with the help of our talented pet artists. Your pet is special and a star! We want to make them feel your love.

Creativity is what we represent, art is how we express it, and your pet is the basis of our art. Our expert artists and creative design team understand what is needed to stand out from the crowd. Hence we strive to captivate our pet-loving clients with cutting edge art impressions, adorned in captivating canvas art.

We cater to people who love and cherish their pets, and they want to express their love for their pets through authentic, fully custom-made canvas art.

Your pet is one of a kind, which is why we have a wide range of concepts you can choose from in our gallery, and if you are still looking to explore, we could create a fully custom made and totally unique portraits that best describes the traits and personality of your pet. We have been in the art business for more than 10 years and understand the intricacies of good art. At Paw star, the best is all you get.

We appreciate our numerous customers all across the world, and we appreciate your awesome feedback. Keep allowing us to capture the beautiful moments you’ve got to spend with your pets.

From and every lovable critter in-between to dogs, kittens, parrots you name it. We have the perfect set of skills to capture their personalities.

Art is love and love is an art. Love your pet from an artistic perspective.

We take special care to create timeless art portraits of your pet. This process can only be complete when we’ve satisfied you.

We can’t wait to work on your order. We will design it, Print it and ship it to you!